Austin White / Laura Millar / M Denney / Rachel Epperly


When we came together at the start of the residency, one of the first things we talked about was the concept of place. Several of us were in various stages of moving, and we talked in depth about the places we are, the paths we travel, and the conscious and unconscious connections we have for those places. We also thought of how music itself can be a place, and how places exist and have life before and after our time in them.

We shared pictures, videos, and maps with each other outlining a path we travel regularly. Then we each used these materials as inspiration and composed short pieces reflecting our interpretations of each other’s paths. Our final movements, creating the piece “Pathways”, came together as we each compiled the four interpretations of our path to create new pieces that incorporated all of our sounds.

“Pathways” is a celebration and interrogation of the places we are physically and musically, and how our paths cross.