Leah Levinson / Coraline Seksinsky / Edward Enman / reina (*˘︶˘*).。*♡

Weaving Process in Four Parts

Weaving Process in Four Parts is the result of a collaborative process built on trust of each other and trust in our own creative instincts. Setting up a circle-share order, each of us created a base track which would then be figuratively passed around the circle for the next person to add, subtract, distort, tear down, build up, layer, love, enrich, and stitch together.

Sometimes what each of us added was a lot, sometimes just a bit. Pressurized in a week’s timeline, this process depended greatly on our energies, availability, and capabilities in any part of any day. Due to this, the results are an earnest reflection of ourselves over this week and our relationship to our new ensemble family, as well as the trust we steadily built-up day after day.

Musical ideas began to cross from piece to piece as our own musical sensibilities were woven into the sound material we were handed. This provides cohesive thread-lines through all four pieces even though they are fundamentally quite different from each other. As layers and new textures were added, we began to lose the sense of who had added which sounds, and simply played with the piece which was presented to us.

This work may be experienced in two ways:

I. Quilt One

II. Quilt Two

III. Quilt Three

IV. Quilt Four