eliot ray burk / mar alzamora / jury tosh kobayashi / marcela echeverri

parasomniac dances: a mosaic of translucent memories

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1 – Reflection

Place an instrument or object right in front of you
Feel silently its shape, color, smell. Embody that sensation. Wordless
Now use your body and rub part of your body against the instrument or object.
Listen to the sound that interaction produces
Now translate those sounds into vocal sounds
Continue rubbing it and creating vocal sounds until the original sensation goes away.

2 – Reverb

Walk around your house with eyes closed and with your instrument, try to perceive the space for the first time.
Listen to each room. How is the acoustic? What does it resonate with? Is there an echo?
Stay in the most reverberant room
Play your instrument against a corner and then facing an open window or door
Once you are done, lay down on the floor with your instrument and listen

3 – Lullaby

Move your body with the following lines separately
Now move mixing up the lines
Once you have a choreography, dance with your instrument
Following your movement create a lullaby and whisper it to your instrument
Let your instrument accompany you

For Jury

re-paint one of the loudest colors in the room with your instrument (merely amplify)
a similar color to the first which is not clearly present (supplement)
a complementary (opposite) color to the first (contrast)
create a prismatic phantasmagoria,
bringing the synesthetic color-spectrum as close to equilibrium
as you can

an absence of color (blank sound)

transitions between sections may either be completely gradual
or completely sudden

For Mar

Engage with the precipice of your home—
play indoors
play outdoors
travel between zones
play with degrees of perforation between the interior and exterior
Hold the recording device in one hand
an instrument with the other
Incorporate commentary, unrelated speech, or don’t

For Marcela

Hydrophone in the sink, obscure the drain so water can accumulate
wash your largest bowl extremely slowly
wash a small cup extremely quickly
quickly drop a variety of silverware into the sink from a variety of heights
Slowly allow the water to drain, trying to coax out as many different sounds as you can

Wait at least 1 hour, then record separately,
without listening to your earlier recording,
relive the earlier actions using your bass
(needn’t be literal)

Later put the two recordings together, either simultaneously or in any sequence.

Fluid Bodies
Stand still
Inwards to your body
Inwards to the body you are about to play
Touch the instrument
Listen with your skin
Explore tactile sensations
Look out for textures
Follow the vibration that attracts you the most
Dissolve the borders of your body
Start again

Slowly unpack and set up.

Breath in, pause, and exhale for longer than your inhale.

Begin to make some sound
Slowly.......slowly........slowly grow.


Listen carefully and wait till your sound leaves the room.

Begin again.
This time ever more quietly.


Until nothing is left.

Breath in, pause, and exhale for longer than your inhale.

eliot ray burk: suitcase, books, glass, prepared viola, prepared cello, sand, felt piano, water, bass guitar
mar alzamora: doublebass, singing voice, whispering voice, piano, soundscapes
jury tosh kobayashi: double bass, prepared double bass, voice, sounds
marcela echeverri: bass, singing voice, drum, hydrophone