Peter Bussigel / AC / Jeremy Rosenstock / Andrea Wong

releasing a jar

releasing a jar is an audiovisual sound art piece created from a collection of natural soundscapes, field recordings, and instrumental improvisations. Due to the remote nature of Westben’s 2021 Performer-Composer Residency, releasing a jar captures multiple cities in North America including Los Angeles, New York, and Vancouver. The process and creation of this piece was extremely collaborative, involving a curious cross-pollination of an unlikely mix of diverse artistic practices. Amongst exchanging, and repeated mixing and remixing of each artists’ acoustic ideas, initial concepts transformed into various interpretations that ultimately collected into a single sonic experience: an adventure that transports the listener through a number of characteristic sound-worlds. This piece explores the meditative, the haunted, the anxious, and the melancholy; and finds a peaceful coexistence somewhere among and between.

AC, electric guitar
JEREMY ROSENSTOCK, bowed cooking lid, shells, stone marimba
ANDREA WONG, piano, violin