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Matt Endahl / April Dawn Guthrie / Ambrose Pottie / Cassia Streb

12 Studies for Change

dedicated to the participants (present and absent) of the 2021 Westben residency

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Some Space for You
Cassia Streb

This audio track is a collection of silent spaces recorded by the members of this ensemble; Ambrose Pottie, April Guthrie, Cassia Streb and Matt Endahl. They interact as solos, duos, trios and, occasionally, a quartet. Your own silence is, of course, welcome and we invite you to introduce some sound too, if you like.

Duration: 10:32

Going Snake Road
April Dawn Guthrie

These are the memories, the fragments of years ago. Going Snake Road was and still is the Oklahoma land of the Palone family.

Performers: Matt Endahl, Cassia Streb, April Dawn Guthrie
Duration: 3:03

In Person
Ambrose Pottie

Two friends play music together in the same space. At the same time.

Performers: Cassia Streb, April Dawn Guthrie
Duration: 5:00

Grampa's Tune
Cassia Streb

Duration: 6:10

Time Will Tell
Matt Endahl

For four performers.

Each performer records one improvisation. Each improvisation should gradually move back and forth between “slower” activity and “faster” activity.

After recording, mix the improvisations in a stereo environment so as to portray a sense of injustice, reverence, and loss.

Duration: 4:24

April Dawn Guthrie

For four performers.

This is the present, healing the past. And this is the past, remembering. A reflection on the Cherokee Cyclists who ride the Trail annually.

Performers: Matt Endahl, Ambrose Pottie
Duration: 5:07

Matt Endahl

For any number of performers.

Performers read and interpret a graphic score in any manner, using any instruments or sound sources. The score may be read in any orientation.

Duration: 4:33

Breathing, Hearing
Matt Endahl

For three instrumentalists or vocalists.

Performers situate themselves in a physical or virtual space so that they can hear each other well. Performers play “long tones” in sequence, taking care that each performer plays first, second, and third exactly twice.

Duration: 9:11

The Sorcerers of Chéticamp
Ambrose Pottie

The Expulsion of the Acadiens in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada, also known as Le Grand Dérangement, took place between 1755 and 1754. Of 14,100 people, 11,500 were deported to the Thirteen Colonies, Britain and France.

On July 11, 1764, the British government passed an order-in-council to permit Acadians to return to British territories in small isolated groups, provided that they take an unqualified oath of allegiance. My ancestors ended up in Chéticamp, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Between 1870 and 1930 Sorcery was practiced in Chéticamp.

Performers: Matt Endahl, Ambrose Pottie, Cassia Streb, April Dawn Guthrie
Duration: 2:08

Ambrose Pottie

The stone wall is, or will be a monument. The road graders go gently past the stone wall, lest they disturb it. They know a monument when they see one.

Performers: Matt Endahl, Ambrose Pottie, Cassia Streb, April Dawn Guthrie
Duration: 2:07

Palone Route
April Dawn Guthrie

One is the road they traveled upon, and the other is what destroyed the road. A reflection on the Palone family’s journey on the Trail of Tears.

Performers: Matt Endahl, Ambrose Pottie, Cassia Streb, April Dawn Guthrie
Duration: 3:15

Looking Forward
Cassia Streb

You may choose to

  • play louder than someone
  • remain silent
  • play softer than someone
  • read aloud
With regards to material, once you have finished with something, don’t go back and revisit.

Duration: 8:02