Malcolm Jackson / Emily Kennedy / Sean Riddle / Reza Yazdanpanah

Non-Equivalent Changes

In an effort to navigate the challenges of collaborating while living in four different time zones, “Non-Equivalent Changes” emerged as four short pieces that try to find intimacy in improvisation through digital means. Composed and performed by Malcolm Jackson (vibraphone), Emily Kennedy (cello), Reza Yazdanpanah (tar), and Sean Riddle (double bass), each composer-performer wrote a three minute graphic score whose order corresponds with their birth month. Coincidently, their birthdays wound up paralleling the evolution of the COVID crisis and the protests brought on by the murder of George Floyd. The arc of the four pieces offers a reflection of these moments in time: each movement aims to address our own personal and collective response to these past few months and ponders what lies ahead of us.

these scores are PDFs, and will open in a new tab.

Score 1: Malcolm
Score 2: Emily
Score 3: Reza
Score 4: Sean