might not find what you saw

Artists :
Eve Parker Finley (Montreal)
An-Laurence Higgins (Montreal)
Roger Kim (Los Angeles)
Kirin McElwain (Brooklyn)

Sound mixing : Eve Parker Finley
Web design and programming : Roger Kim

Created as part of the 2020 Westben Performer-Composer Residency

might not find what you saw is an interactive web artwork where visitors curate their own experience by activating the work's musical, visual and textual elements themselves.

The four artists collaborated remotely to create three parallel iterations of a cadavre exquis: one musical, one visual, and one textual. Following a predetermined order, each artist contributed four pieces in each medium within a 16-day period. The artists drew inspiration from the preceding piece in the same medium and in one other medium; however, they could not consult any of the other preceding pieces.

If you have any questions about the artistic process behind the work (for creating your own piece or for personal curiosity), do not hesitate to contact any of the artists involved.