Brandon Auger / Andrew Dyet / Matt Magerkurth / Gregory J. Watson

Arc Diffusion

Arc Diffusion is an audiovisual realization of an original, co-created graphic score. The work is divided into three main movements, each contributed by an individual before being overlaid to form a visual instruction for soundmaking. In the fields of construction and design, Arc Diffusion is a phrase used to describe the portion of an arc at its outermost ends, in relation to its connection to a junction. Each ensemble member performed and recorded their “part” independently, with the expectancy and sonic awareness they would later be composited into a whole. Visual elements from score, photographs, and graphical representations of the audio were funneled through an algorithm on a mobile device to create the video - the video you are viewing was captured and edited solely on a cell phone! This electroacoustic work is a textural exploration of full spectrum noise, emergent gestures, and gradual shifts in density.