Ken Tizzard & Music For Goats


concert program

The Westben Barn stage becomes a friendly living room as singer-songwriter Ken Tizzard brings some of his best friends together to share some of his favourite music. Loaded with originals, the party spills out onto The Meadow as the sun sets, before ending up at dusk for a little Ron Hynes around the campfire. Heartwarming and deeply satisfying.


Ken Tizzard
Ken Grant
Neil Lucy
Steve Dagg

about the band

Over the last few years, a collection of musicians have been hanging around with songwriter Ken Tizzard. This collection of musical friendships have slowly evolved into "Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats." With Ken Grant on bass, Neil Lucy on acoustic guitar and Steve Dagg on drums this quartet spent lots of time meeting up on Wednesday nights at "The Little Pub" and learning Ken Tizzard's large collection of original music and sometimes obscure cover tunes. In January of 2020, Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats recorded three nights at "That Little Pub" in Campbellford. Locals have been supporting Whiskey Wednesday for almost ten years and we took this opportunity to capture a little piece of our collective history. For over a decade Ken has worked on new material and attempted to cover song requests while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of playing music with friends. "It is unlike any other aspect of my musical career; and I love the freedom it allows." Learn More:

behind the scenes


Whiskey Wednesdays: Living the Dream with Ken Tizzard

From humble beginnings at his local watering hole in Campbellford, ON, Whiskey Wednesday has, over the past year, blossomed into a must-see weekly event live-streamed on Tizzard’s Facebook page every Wednesday evening at
For the first decade, WW was hosted by the small pub known as The Stinkin’ Rose, then Church Key Pub and Grindhouse, and now That Little Pub. From Ken serenading the staff and a patron or two (no stage, no PA), it grew into the town’s musical hub, attracting SRO crowds and lineups, and becoming an entrenched part of Tizzard’s sked.
Then came covid, as Ken recalls. “The first Wed. of the 2020 lockdown was a day after St Paddy’s Day and that was the first time I was off on a Wed. I sat home that night and said ‘I can’t do this. I have to do something for next week,’ so I went online and started researching how to broadcast from home.”
After requests for a recorded version of the Wednesday night concerts, Ken has created a podcast! Have a litsten to past nights of music today.